Press Release – 03/07/2020

Premio Luchetta 2020: the winners of the different sections have been announced (video included)

The video of the presentation of winners of Premio Luchetta 2020

Giovanna Botteri, president of the Jury, will personally present the awards to the winners of the 17th edition of the Marco Luchetta International Press Award, on Saturday 3 October in Trieste, as part of Link, Festival of Journalism 2020 scheduled from 1 to 4 October in the heart of the city, the central Piazza Unità d'Italia. "Raising awareness among citizens, so as not to forget the world's emergencies that have not stopped with the pandemic of recent months, is the objective of the 2020 edition of the Premio Luchetta - explains Giovanna Botteri - The defenceless have continued to die, not only of coronavirus: among these, first and foremost, children, who remain the most defenceless. Wars, conflicts and famine have dramatically added to the spread of the virus". "We are pleased to confirm that Link, the Festival of Journalism 2020 will take place, if the general health conditions will permit it as it seems at the moment, from October 1st to 4th in Trieste - declare Giovanni Marzini, Jury Secretary of the Luchetta Award, and Francesca Fresa, curator of Link Festival - Being able to count on the presence of Giovanna Botteri at the award ceremony is a source of joy and pride, just like being able to reopen, through Link Festival, our annual focus on current world events, from Covid to the many emergencies affecting countries and peoples. It will be nice to be able to share the experience with the city, in safety and compliance with the rules: a sign of recovery, hope and restart for everyone".

The reportage winners of the Luchetta 2020 Award bear witness to the commitment of great international names, journalists who have been at the forefront of the hottest trenches on the planet for many years: starting from the Balkan route, on which tens of thousands of minors have set off, also challenging Covid 19, in the last year. Nothing seems to stop these groups of young and very young people, coming from Afghanistan, Pakistan, Syria and heading for Europe: not even the risk of having to face dangerous animals and unexploded mines. We are reminded of this by the report of the journalist Sara Giudice from La7 - Piazza Pulita, who won the 17th edition of the Luchetta Prize in the TV News section. Sara Giudice, who has been a correspondent for Piazza Pulita since 2015, started her career as a political correspondent for the American TV Class CNBC and is one of the authors of the essay "Italy under investigation" (Meltemi). In the reportage section the Pakistani filmmaker Adnan Sarwar wins the Luchetta 2020 Award: long engaged in Iraq for the British army, Adnan Sarwar is known to the English-speaking public for directing and interpreting various documentaries and "biopics" broadcast by the British TV. For Channel 4 he signed a striking reportage from the violent neighbourhood of Cape Flats, South Africa, telling in particular the story of eleven-year-old Mariezaan, already the leader of a gang of kids in the neighbourhood where 279 children were killed in the last year alone.

For the Italian press section, the Luchetta Award goes to journalist Nello Scavo, who on Avvenire told the story of the Ivorian child Simba, who survived the Libyan camps, rescued by the ship Mare Jonio (Mediterranea Saving Humans) in August 2019 and then landed in Turin with his mother. Simba, a nickname given almost to give courage to a child just a few months old, turning him into a "little lion" capable of overcoming all kinds of difficulties until he can finally start a new life in Turin. Nello Scavo, Avvenire's special correspondent, has been among the international journalists who have spent more time on the migrants' rescue ships in the Mediterranean, since last October he has been living under escort for the investigation of the trafficker Bija and is still under threat for the investigations involving Malta on the smuggling of migrants. His reports have been relaunched by major newspapers such as The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Independent, The Guardian, Le Monde, Huffington Post, BBC, CNN, Clarin, La Nacion, El Pais, El Mundo and many others.

For the international press of the 17th edition of the Premio Luchetta the winner is journalist Antonio Pampliega, who signed an exciting correspondence for El Independiente about young brides in Afghanistan: mere objects with very high economic value, condemned as criminals by justice and society when they run away from home to avoid forced marriages. Born in 1982, Antonio Pampliega was kidnapped in Syria in 2015 by the terrorist group Al Qaeda. He currently leads the program "Pasaporte Pampliega " (Cuatro), a format that gives visibility to social injustices all over the world. He is the author of three books: Afghanistan (2011), In the Dark (2017) and The Trenches of Hope (2018).

Finally, for the photography section, the Luchetta 2020 Award goes to Andrea Frazzetta who published in the New York Times the shots of the reportage from the flooded coast of Bangladesh, where the inhabitants manage to dig up what remains: among them also many children. Andrea Frazzetta has made reportages in South America, Africa and the Mediterranean area. He collaborates with newspapers such as New York Times Magazine, Newsweek, National Geographic, The Times, Der Spiegel, D La Repubblica, L'Espresso, Internazionale. In 2009 he received the Yann Geffroy award for the reportage "Obama Village". In 2013 he is among the winners of PDN photo annual, American Photography and PX3 - Prix De La Photographie Paris. In 2014 he was awarded the American Photography for his work from Tokyo for Newsweek.


Gallery of winners of Premio Luchetta 2020

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Adnan Sarwar

Critically-acclaimed television presenter specialising in hostile environments. Award winning writer, he won the Financial Times / Bodley Head Essay Prize and Second Prize at Winchester Writers’ Festival. He wrote for the Guardian and was editor at The Economist and Financial Times. British veteran of the Iraq war qualified in MIRA, FREC 3 and Advanced Medicine. In 2007 he left the British Army with an Honourable Discharge. He used his military experience to help Jimmy McGovern make scripts realistic for The Street (ITV) and The Accused (BBC). Adnan Sarwar is also filmmaker, actor, producer and pilot.

Antonio Pampliega

Nato nel 1982, è conosciuto anche per essere stato sequestrato 10 mesi in Siria da Al Qaeda. Ha lavorato come giornalista in aree di conflitto e crisi umanitaria in Paesi come Afghanistan, Iraq, Haiti, Haiti, Somalia, Sud Sudan, Ucraina, Siria e Venezuela. I reportage sono stati pubblicati da CNN, BBC, France Presse o Associated Press o l'agenzia di stampa tedesca DPA, El País, El Mundo, SinFiltros o Cuatro. Tra il 2018 e il 2019 realizza e conduce, per l’emittente spagnola Cuatro, il programma “Passport Pampliega”

Sara Giudice

Sara Giudice, Milanese by birth and stateless at heart, born in 1986. She graduated in Languages and Communication at IULM in Milan and obtained a master's degree in communication at the business school of Sole 24 Ore. Grown up on bread and politics, her passion for journalism exploded thanks to Oriana Fallaci's books. She began her television career at the American Television Class CNBC as a political correspondent. When she arrived at La7 she worked for the program In Onda, she collaborated with Il Fatto Quotidiano and Linkiesta. She has been a correspondent for Piazzapulita since 2015.
Nel 2017 ha vinto il premio Giancarlo Siani con un'inchiesta sul traffico illecito di rifiuti a Roma. Premio Maurizio Rampino 2019 con un'inchiesta sulla criminalità ad Afragola. Insieme ad altri colleghi ha scritto il libro "Italia sotto inchiesta" pubblicato da Meltemi.
Il suo motto? "Non sei fregato veramente finché hai da parte una buona storia e qualcuno a cui raccontarla".

Andrea Frazzetta

Andrea is a contributor to the The New York Times Magazine and to National Geographic Travel. His work has been published in magazines such as National Geographic, The New York Times, Newsweek, New York Magazine, The Times, Bloomberg Businessweek, The Guardian, Der Spiegel, GEO and Vanity Fair. Andrea’s work has been recognized through several photography awards among which the Canon Prize Italian Young Photographer, the Yann Geffroy Award, the PDN photo annual, the American Photography Prize and the PX3 – Prix De La Photographie Paris. He was nominated for the World Press Photo Masterclass and for the Foam Award, and he was among the finalists of the OjodePez Award for Human Values.

Nello Scavo

Nello Scavo, siciliano, dal 2001 è giornalista di Avvenire. Negli anni, ha indagato sulla criminalità organizzata e il terrorismo globale, firmando servizi da molte zone calde, come la ex-Jugoslavia, la Cambogia e il Sudest asiatico, i paesi dell’ex Urss, l'America Latina, il Corno d'Africa e il Maghreb. Nel settembre 2017 si è introdotto in una prigione clandestina degli scafisti libici, raccontando quali siano le condizioni dei migranti intrappolati. I suoi libri sono stati tradotti in 16 lingue. Tra gli altri, ha scritto La Lista di Bergoglio (Emi, 2013), Luigi Ciotti, un prete contre la mafia (Bayard, Francia), I nemici di Francesco (Piemme, 2015), Perseguitati (Piemme, 2017), Fake Pope. Le false notizie su papa Francesco (San Paolo Edizioni, 2018), A casa loro (People, 2019, scritto con Giulio Cavalli) e Pescatori di uomini (Garzanti, 2020, scritto con Mattia Ferrari).